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Andy Herrick



Andy Herrick is a Software Engineer in the Java Deployment Group at Oracle. He was already working at Sun Microsystems when Java technology was invented. After WABI, the windows emulation project, was cancelled, all those engineers including Andy were transferred to work on Java projects. He has since developed a great interest in Web applications and Java Client technologies.

Andy became part of the JCP program when the originating Spec Lead for JSR 56, Java Network Launching Protocol and API, left the organization. At that time, Andy became Spec Lead for JSR 56, and is still working with it now as Maintenance Lead. Although Andy does not blog personally, his group posts often.

Before his employment with Sun Microsystems, now Oracle, Andy was a member of the ANSI X3H3 committee on graphics standards. He holds a bachelor's degree in Mathematics from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. He lives in the New Hampshire, where, during his free time, he acts in regional theater productions and sings in a Barbershop Harmony Society chorus.