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authentified SSL certificate with Glassfish.

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Hi guys,

I come to you today for another issue I can¹t solve for months ! ....

I have bought a certificate with Gandi and I received in return
- a. crt file :
- a .pem file : GandiStandardSSLCA

I¹ve first generated a public key (.csr) and a private key (.key) do get the

and I want to use it in my environment instead of the default one. I would
like to replace the alias ³s1as² for admin and also launch my apps in SSL
with it.
I found (on blogs and web sites) and tried many commands (quite simple !)
with the Java command keytool but never succedeed
There are 2 keystores cacerts.jks and keystore.jks, maybe I¹am mistaking
between both but...
I really need it now because my application needs a real authentified
certificate to work (with JMS), but I don¹t know what I¹am doing wrong

Does anybody know the exact steps involved to do that ? the working commands
to launch using the java keytool command to use my own certificates ?
Where to store the .crt ? the .pem ? .... I must be wrong about that.

I you could that you would save my life, since the time I ve been looking
for... ;-)

Thanks in advance,

Thomas CATTY

³There are three ways to get something done; do it yourself, hire someone,
or forbid your kids to do it.² (Mona Crane)