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Re: GF update JAXB osgi bundle?

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On Monday 05 November 2012 08:44 PM, Bernhard Thalmayr wrote:
> Am 11/5/12 3:57 PM, schrieb Martin Grebac:
>> Hi,
>> seems like you may be mixing incompatible versions of jaxbapi and impl
>> (api and impl have separate versioning scheme).
>> Usually safest approach is to update full metro release which includes
>> jaxb as well, is tested together and compatible. Such as Metro 2.2.1-1
>> from [1]. There's an ant script and instructions how to install metro on
>> top of GF,
>> MartiNG
>> [1]
> Hi Martin, I've done a quick check ... 'ant .... install' does not
> work for GF ....
> [echo]
> [antcall] Exiting /var/tmp/metro/metro-on-glassfish-v3.xml.
> /var/tmp/metro/metro-on-glassfish-v3.xml:123: It looks like you are
> trying to install Metro on GlassFish v2.
> at
> just looking at the ant build file ...
You don't have to remove osgi-cache, but that's not important for this
The OSGi wiring exception that you faced earlier must be to do with the
fact that 2.2.6 impl-jar depends on 2.2.7 api jar as stated by Martin. I
just tried replacing jaxb-api-osgi.jar by version 2.2.7 and
jaxb-osgi.jar by version 2.2.6 in gf3.1.2.2 and the server booted fine.