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Help with auditing remote EJBs GF 3.1.2

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Here's my situation. I'm currently running on Glassfish 3.1.2.x. I have a remote EJB running which is accessed via many other Glassfish containers. I'm attempting to audit WHO is accessing the various methods on the EJB - but I cannot alter the interface to explicity pass in the caller info (ie, the server and application calling the ejb). I do have the ability to alter the client and the EJB implementation as long as the method signatures don't change.

So I attempted to try using Security as a method of doing this. That works, but I need to maintain a list of users (which in my case, are actually applications) in the security realm - otherwise I get a CORBA PERMISSION exception. If I set the security principle and don't enable security, all caller access to the EJB is as the default ANONYMOUS user. Basically the calling application would use it's own identity for a username if this worked.

I've also investigated the custom AuditModule functionality - but a similar problem.

So my question is, can this be done in any fashion in Glassfish at all or am I stuck with changing the interface and explicitly adding the audit info? So for example, if I have a method call "sayHello" - in that method I'd like to know what component (running on different clusters) called it:

Cluster1.serverA.application1 ---> logs "sayHello by Cluster1.serverA.application1"
Cluster3.serverB.application5 ---> logs "sayHello by Cluster3.serverB.application5"
Cluster1.serverC.application22 ---> logs "sayHello by Cluster1.serverC.application22"

Is there any way I can access this information via a proprietary class or something? Any help would be greatly appreciated.