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Show status bar and custom menu bar in Lwuit J2ME Project

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Joined: 2012-10-07

I need my Lwuit J2ME project to look like the default standard of S40 mobiles,
Show the status bar which contains the battery, time and notifications, and the menu bar should also have the standard shape( 2 commands in some screens and 3 in others).

For Showing the status bar I used


or it can be done using Display.setCommandBehavior

It works but i think it won't show the same result on all Nokia devices, i'm stuck now with the menu bar , when i used this line of code a Native menu bar appears, how can i customize it, show only 2 commands, change the names of the commands in every screen.
Please Help.

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Nokia have done a good job on integrating LWUIT with their SDK and probably you could post on their discussion forum.

Joined: 2012-10-07

Thank you roey...yeh i tried their SDK, but do you have any idea if i can add the status bar to the lwuit form ?
I already posted some questions there but no luck until now.