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JDBCRealm Problem

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Joined: 2005-06-28

I've a problem when I try to login in the application.

This is my Realm configuration

JAAS Context:  jdbcRealm
JNDI:  jdbc/acDS
User Table:  USUARIOS
User Name Column:  NOMBRE_USUARIOS
Password Column:  CLAVE
Group Table User Name Column:
Group Name Column:  NOMBRE
Assign Groups:
Database User:
Database Password:
Digest Algorithm: SHA-256
Password Encryption Algorithm:
Encoding: Base64
Charset: ISO-8859-2

For the password I use the next code. I copied the value from the console and then inserted manually in the database. The database characterset is Latin2. It's the same as "ISO-8859-2".

MessageDigest messageDigest = .getInstance("SHA-256");
byte bin = messageDigest.digest(("adminadmin").getBytes("ISO-8859-2"));

I'm login inside a jsf managedbean

FacesContext contexto = FacesContext.getCurrentInstance();
HttpServletRequest peticion = (HttpServletRequest) contexto

peticion.login(nombreUsuario, clave);

But when I try to login the next error appear. I don

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Joined: 2005-06-28

Problem solved. The application server needed a restart.