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so whats the deal with publishing my stuff for teamwork here? Im simply unable to, getting a proxy-error finalizing my publish. Let me quickly sum up what i do:

- netbeans open, team plugin installed, my project open
- rc menu -> share on team server
- fill out credentials, details etc, "finish it"
- wait forever, proxy timeout after ~5mins. finalize button now active again
- clicking it again takes forever, no more response. have to kill-p netbeans if i need to exit after an hour waiting.

I even captured this and put it on youtube so you guys could see better whats maybe my fault:

Thing is, i really liked kenai. I liked to share my stuff with friends, fix their stuff, let them fix my stuff, chat about it etc. Like the whole teamwork idea. Pls help me get things done again like in the kenai days :)

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the best thing would be to report against netbeans:
- the component would be "kenai"
- please reproduce your problem and make a threaddump [1] after the wizard hanges and attach it to the bugzilla issue
- also attach your messages.log file



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I'm not sure what's going on, but I suspect there's something going on with NetBeans. I've let them know about it.