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Re: asadmin subcommand question: where to locate its dependencies?

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Hi Laird,

For a remote command in any recent version, both the command and its
dependencies go into glassfish/modules.
For a local command, the subcommand goes into the glassfish/lib/asadmin
directory. The dependencies can go there too, or if the dependencies are
used by the server too, they can go in glassfish/modules. For a local
command, since the subcommand JAR is not loaded as an OSGi module, the
classpath entry in the manifest must have references to the dependencies.


On 10/1/2012 5:22 PM, Laird Nelson wrote:
> If I were to implement an asadmin subcommand and wanted to make use of
> a dependency, where (what directory) would I place the subcommand
> implementation, and where would I place the dependent library (in such
> a way as to minimize its visibility)?
> Thanks,
> Laird
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