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selectonemenu pass parameter

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id definationid name
1 1 a
2 1 b
3 2 c
4 1 d
5 2 e

jsf page have a two selectonemenu. value of the Selectonemenu :


the selectonemenu will have a value definationid=20 other selectonemenu will have value a definationid=21.

<-- Here pass parameter-->

<-- Here pass parameter-->

public SelectItem[] getItemsAvailableByTurSelectOne() {
return JsfUtil.getSelectItems(ejbFacade.findBy(Integer.valueOf(tur), “TanimDetay.findByTanimId") , true);
public List findBy(int condition, String queryStr){
Query q = getEntityManager().createNamedQuery(queryStr);
return q.getResultList();

want pass parameter on Jsf pages loading.
I try with binding attributes of the Selectonemenu necessary to define a variable for each selectonemenu on Bean .So what exactly fulfilled this.
I do with .I passing parameter value change.In this way, they did not.
If you could help I'd appreciate it.