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@WebService: Incompatibility between GlassFish and Geronimo

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Joined: 2012-09-25

Hello, I am writing some examples and deploying them on different application servers. The problem is the following. Given;

<br />
@Stateless<br />
@WebService(serviceName="AskQuestionService"endpointInterface="edu.example.AskQuestionRemote")<br />
public class AskQuestionBean implements AskQuestionLocal, AskQuestionRemote {<br />
...<br />
}<br />

The WSDL location on Geronimo is /AskQuestionService/AskQuestionRemote?WSDL while on GlassFish the WSDL location /AskQuestionService/AskQuestionBean?wsdl.

Given that I am stating the enpoint interface to be AskQuestionRemote