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Connection sharing in JCA glassfish

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I have a misunderstanding regarding the connection handle sharing in JCA.

I want to know if the connection sharing only happens during a phase of transaction ( multiple components call ) or the connection sharing is possible amongst multiple clients accessing a component that has the same EIS destination.

I created my own resource adapter on Glassfish application server 3.1. The problem is the resource adapter doesn't perform any connection sharing (no associateConnection method call).


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Connection sharing only happens in a transaction scope, either local or XA. Below is the detailed conditions of connection sharing.

When multiple shareable connections x and y acquired by an application are used within a global transaction scope (for instance, container-managed or bean-managed), the application server must provide a single shared connection behavior under the following conditions:
■ x and y are collocated in a single Java Virtual Machine process address space.
■ x and y are using a single transactional resource manager.
■ x and y have identical properties.
■ x and y are marked as shareable.
■ x and y are used within a container-managed or bean-managed transaction scope.