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VPOP Service Tune Action parameters

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HNP2.0-I07 (and I08) section (and refer to the remote control tuning parameters argument of the VPOP Tune() action as "TuneParameters". However, the ViewPrimaryOutputPort Service Description XML document in Annex A.3 calls out an argument name of "Parameters". The RI uses the SCPD from the annex. Requests from clients using the parameter names described in are rejected as having invalid arguments.

Which of these is ultimately correct? Clients may not utilize the Service Descrption XML, and so may go off of what is specified in the body of the specification.

Any input or clarification would be appreciated,
fred.smith at

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In recent internal emails, it looks like there is agreement that the two values should match. It sounds like an ECR will be generated to fix this mismatch also. Since the RI is using the SCPD, I would recommend using "Parameters" as specified in Annex A.3.