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Profiling & Calibration Java Enterprise - Performance Management

Posted by thomas.merten on September 11, 2012 at 5:04 AM PDT


Java EE LoadBalancer Project on The Java EE LoadBalancer Filter is a pure J2EE Web Component for high traffic environments. Java Server Performance depends on CPU & Memory allocation of Traffic. Tuning Performance is also a borderline Process in reference to stability. Java EE LoadBalancer addresses this with Monitoring and Run-time Customizing of key parameters (response time & throughput). Traffic is directed among a Semaphore mechanism[from E.W.Dijkstra] to protect memory critical resources. Fail-over strategies are implemented and customizable while calibration process. Via jconsole essential Visibility into Java Web Transactions is supported across your Web Application infrastructure. You can identify performance problems and balance your Java Web Server. The LoadBalancer can be easily deployed over loadbalancer.jar registration in Web-Inf/lib directory of the Web Application and administrated in every Web Application using web.xml registration and configuration. The LoadBalancer runs on all Java Web Containers without any modification and requires a Servlet Specification 2.3 or later. The LoadBalancer supports HTTP and JMX Monitoring and JMX Run-time Customizing of LoadBalancer Parameters. Historical Profiling is supported via file logging using the java.util.logging facility. Using this loadbalancing practice is no hardware or software architecture changes required.

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