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Glassfish questing from a JBoss user

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Joined: 2012-09-03

We are evaluating Glassfish 3.1 for a new product and possibly porting existing ones. Currently our software deploys on configured and patched JBoss 4.2.2 and 5.1.0. Our experience this far with Glassfish is possitive, but there are some thing we miss from JBoss. I hope this is because we have not yet found the corresponding Glassfish way of doing it. The things we miss from JBoss are

  • MBean deployment in ears for easy start of threads and services.
  • We use the JBoss jmx-console for seldom but important administrative
    tasks in the product though MBeans. Is there a corresponding way i Glassfish?
  • Log4j (found this one at
  • The JBoss JMX attributes to SNMP is used for monitoring our products with both app server properties like JMS queue lengths and product specific values exposed through MBeans. Can this be done with Glassfish?