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Sun GlassFish Enterprise Server 2.1 Performance Tuning

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Hi Friends,

I have deployed a java application in glassfish server 2.1.When I send a request to the application I have received the response for that more than 5 seconds.
For this I have searched in google and found the following link to set the idle timeout to zero(0) seconds.

Idle Timeout:

Maximum time in seconds that a connection can remain idle in the pool. After this time, the pool can close this connection. This property does not control connection timeouts on the database server.

Keep this timeout shorter than the database server timeout (if such timeouts are configured on the database), to prevent accumulation of unusable connection in Enterprise Server.

For best performance, set Idle Timeout to zero (0) seconds, so that idle connections will not be removed. This ensures that there is normally no penalty in creating new connections and disables the idle monitor thread. However, there is a risk that the database server will reset a connection that is unused for too long.

But when I tried to set the idle timeout to zero it is not accept the zero value.It shown the following is expecting the value 1 to 2147483638.
Please help me to sort out the issue.How we set the idle timeout to zero value.


ADMVAL1045: '0' is invalid value for idle-timeout-in-seconds attribute. Valid range for this value is from 1 to 2147483638 ADMVAL1070: Change of jdbc connection pool 'SAMPLE_CONNECTION_POOL' is rejected.

Thanks & Regards