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Implementation of Graphedit Filter object in Java (Swing)

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Hello everyone,
i want to program an own object class for Java Swing that looks like an object in graphedit (representing an DirectX filter, in my case this should represent a program) with input and output nodes and parameters for the program object that can be determined each time I use it.

Goal is a GUI to drag and drop different of those program objects, link them together to create a pipeline that can be then started (and maybe saved in a database).

Here is an example of graphedit where you see four "filter" objects.

In my case those objects represent a program each that can be link together by there input and output nodes.

I want to use NetBeans and Java/Java Swing for building the program. (and of course other software that I would need in the programming process)

Does anybody knows an existing implementation for this issue or has any hints how to start with it?

Thanks a lot

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Please note that this forum is highly focused on SwingX/SwingLabs :-)

A general question like yours is better - because the probability of getting answers - posted in a more general swing forum.