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Help debugging a malformedurlexception error during war file deployment?

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Joined: 2012-08-16

We are getting a malformedurlexception error when deploying a war file (generated by Eclipse) to a Glassfish 3.1 (Linux) server and looking for any information on how to debug this. Numerous google searches show that when others have this problem there is a little more output next to the exception showing what is wrong but we are not getting that. Unfortunately we cannot post the stacktrace but none of it is in our code so we know that something is wrong with the war but can't tell what. We've tried adding --verbose to the start-domain but that does not add any logging output to the deployment. If someone can tell us how to either enable additional output to identify exactly what step is failing or how to determine exactly what steps (in order) occur during a war deployment we would appreciate it.]
Still hoping for some help on this. Can anyone suggest how to identify which URL is causing the malformedurlexception? The stacktrace does not localize the error to any specific file in the war.