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Re: glassfish-4.0-b49-windows seem like 3.1.2

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Default installation directory and some of installer version strings are not updated yet, so that part is expected in b49, but asadmin version output looks suspicious - it should be using version 4.0.

What was the download URL you were using to get this distribution?



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Subject: glassfish-4.0-b49-windows seem like 3.1.2

Hi, I'm trying to play with the latest and greatest Glassfish 4. I've
downloaded glassfish 4.0 b49 (glassfish-4.0-b49-windows) but it looks like
version 3: * The installer suggest to install it to C:\glassfish3 * Before
the setup begin to copy it say it is going to install glassfish 3.1.2 * After
installing I run asadmin version and got Version = GlassFish Server Open
Source Edition 3.1.2 (build 23) What do you think? Thank you, Ido.


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I've download it from

It looks like 4.0 when I try to open the web admin.
The problem now is that after the admin loading screen I get a black white page where the login page should be. When I look at the source of the page it looks like there is a source of HTML behind it but the browser still show only white page.