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Cannot View Domain Server - admingui\login.jsp not found

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Installed Glasfish Open Source Edition 3.1.2 (build 23) using netbeans 7.2
. After adjusting with ports (8080 was not free so I used domain.xml to
change to 8083 win 2003 server) and java versions I can now start the
server (within NetBeans) but I cannot set up the jdbc connection pool to
Oracle because when I attempt to "View the Domain Server" (from within
NetBeans) at http://localhost:4848 I am told:

SEVERE: PWC6117: File "C:\Program
not found

What can I do? Not clear to me what I can do about a missing file in the
installation. (There is no such file). Is this a bug in GlassFish or in
Netbeans? What should I do?


Phil Virgo
Senior Computer Scientist

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