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Glassfish verifier "error & warning" messages

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Joined: 2012-06-28

Hi folks,

I am pretty new to this forum so forgive me if its the wrong
forum to ask this question.
Anyhow besides being new here Im also pretty new to this Glassfish verifier tool
which means Im not being able to interpret 2 error messages I get when running
it in my Java EE application (in Netbeans 7.1.2). The application is able to run
perfectly otherwise but Im just being irritated over the fact that I could not
find any specific forums describing these 2 different error messages I get (below):

1. Methods used in must be methods defined in the enterprise beans component
and/or home interface (This is a "Fail" type of message)

2. EntityManager can not be injected into a web application that uses multithread model
because EntityManager is not thread safe. (This is a "Warning" type of message)

If anyone could help or give me a hint of the solution I would really be thankful and appreciate this. Please also let me know if you need additional information regarding files and project related information if thats necessary.

Thank you ..