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Usage of decoder starved

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Joined: 2012-06-17

An event called DECODER_STARVED is present in When does mpeos layer send this event to upper layers? The header file in mpeos layer does not have any such event in RI 1.2.1.

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Joined: 2008-12-18

The starvation event was replaced with a MPE_CONTENT_NOT_PRESENTING subcode: MPE_NOT_PRESENTING_NO_DATA. The definition of DECODER_STARVED/DECODER_NO_LONGER_STARVED in is vestigial and should be removed.

The MPE_CONTENT_NOT_PRESENTING/MPE_NOT_PRESENTING_NO_DATA event should be signaled by the platform when the decoder is not able to present video due to lack of data. e.g. when one of the PIDs specified in mpeos_mediaDecode() is not present in the stream.

Note that this event doesn't signal the termination of decoding. The event is an indication of a condition that may resolve (e.g. the PID re-appears). Recovery from the condition would be signaled via MPE_CONTENT_PRESENTING.