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a Woman's Second Best Friends

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Do you think that cufflinks cufflinks are just for men? Are you more used to seeing them on a body wearing a suit with slacks, dress shirts and ties than you are to seeing them as decorations on dresses or blouses? Well, the fight for women's rights has hit the jewelry industry in a big way. cufflinks for men Cufflinks, once only men's bastions of fashion, are now also for women.Even though people consider cufflinks as specifically for men's use, women can now wear them, too. You can wear them with your business suits or other corporate or professional wear. You can wear cufflinks with dress shirts that have French cuffs or even regular cuffs with just buttonholes. However, women can also wear them with any dress or blouse that has buttonholes in it. Anyone, including women, who wear these types of clothing, can wear cuff links cufflinks.Your favorite long-sleeved blouse with stylish trousers or skirt, with or without a blazer, will look more attractive with tasteful cufflinks. In fact, fashion designers have made blouses with double holes or folded cuffs especially for women to close with cufflinks.There are rules for both men and women who want to wear cufflinks silver cufflinks.