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Issues With JMS Master Broker Configuration

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Environment Details
GlassFish 3.1.2 b23 / Running on Linux Ubuntu Server 11.10

We have configured a clustered glassfish enviroment with two instances with conventional clustered JMS with a master broker. When each of the MQ brokers start the broker is saying that it is itself the master broker so will not talk to the other. The issue seems to be that the masterbroker is always coming through as 'localhost' and therefore each broker considers itself the master broker. We have tried varios things in the DAS configuation to override the default_JMS_host setting to try and fix the issue but no matter what we try the masterbroker continuers to come through as 'localhost'. We have seen tried implementing the work around mentioned in the following post but to no avail. (

Any help would be much appreciated.

Many thanks, Chris

The output from the MQ log file is as follows :

JMSRA BrokerProps: : imq.persist.jdbc.dbVendor=mysql, imq.persist.jdbc.mysql.user=root, imq.persist.jdbc.mysql.password=*****, imq.cluster.nomasterbroker=false,,, imq.persist.jdbc.mysql.driver=com.mysql.jdbc.jdbc2.optional.MysqlXADataSource, imq.cluster.brokerlist=mq://apps1.acl.mancs:27677,mq://apps2.acl.mancs:27677,,, imq.cluster.masterbroker=mq://localhost:27677/,, imq.cluster.clusterid=ACLCluster_MQ, imq.brokerid=ACLClusterapps1inst1, imq.cluster.nowaitForMasterBroker=true, imq.cluster.sharecc.persist.jdbc.db2.opendburl=jdbc:mysql://appserverl2.acl.mancs:3306/jms, imq.imqcmd.password=*****, imq.jmsra.managed=true, imq.cluster.dynamicChangeMasterBrokerEnabled=true

[10/Jul/2012:17:09:03 BST] ERROR [B3097]: Configuration mismatch: Aborting connection with broker [ mq:// ] because master broker does not match. This broker has master broker mq://, broker [ mq:// ] has master broker mq://

Our broker configuration in our DAS is as follows: