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loadbalancer in glassfish's paas

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Joined: 2012-02-12

Hi again!

I would like to test and monitor behavior of my virtualization plugin to glassfish. I was trying to make a load balancer following this tutorial:
I managed to setup apache with required mods, openssl, etc...

I fired following commands:
asadmin create-ims-config-jims --networkAddress= --networkInterface=e1000g0 --snapshotsrc=/templateZone.backup --password=futbol --zfspool=rpool
asadmin create-server-pool --subnet --portname "e1000g0" --virtualization jims jimssp1
asadmin create-server-pool-user --serverpool jimssp1 --userId 0 --groupId 0 root
asadmin create-template --indexes "ServiceType=JavaEE,VirtualizationType=jims" EEjims
asadmin create-template --indexes "ServiceType=LB,VirtualizationType=jims" LBjims
asadmin create-template-user --groupid 0 --userid 0 --template LBjims --virtualization jims root
asadmin create-template-user --groupid 0 --userid 0 --template EEjims --virtualization jims root
asadmin create-machine --serverpool jimssp1 --ip jimsm1
asadmin deploy --availabilityenabled=true --passwordfile /Desktop/glassfish3/bin/passwords.txt /Desktop/backup/SimpleSessionDemo.war

and glassfish created 4 virtual machines for me (3 ssh nodes with glassfish instances and one load balancer I believe). However due to secure-admin I am unable to use paas console and I don't know how to access deployed applications through loadbalancer, or how to monitor my cluster.

If it comes to monitoring and elasticity I created connected topic to this one:

thank you for your help in advance,