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start-local-instance fails

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Joined: 2012-02-12

Hi. I got problem with setup cluster and starting it. I need start-local-instance command to work. I checked it's availability with this url:

and here is what I see:
GlassFish null command report

Exit Code : FAILURE
Command start-local-instance not found. Check the entry of command name. This command may be provided by a package that is not installed. is my DAS address. What could be wrong? Is it that I don't have some specific jars in modules directory? What could be possibly causing this? What can I do to fix it?

I've added cluster_cli.jar to modules directory. After this it couldn't start module because it required servermgmt.jar. So I've added this one too and here's what I have now:

g! lb cluster
ID|State |Level|Name
24|Installed | 1|Administration Console Cluster Help Content (4.0.0.b05)
25|Active | 1|GMS Bootstrap Module (4.0.0.SNAPSHOT)
64|Active | 1|Admin Console Clustering Support Plugin (4.0.0.SNAPSHOT)
90|Installed | 1|cluster-admin (4.0.0.SNAPSHOT)
139|Installed | 1|cluster-cli (4.0.0.SNAPSHOT)
141|Active | 1|Cluster SSH Provisioning (4.0.0.SNAPSHOT)
263|Resolved | 1|cluster-common (4.0.0.SNAPSHOT)
266|Active | 1|GMS Module (4.0.0.SNAPSHOT)
g! start 139
org.osgi.framework.BundleException: Unresolved constraint in bundle org.glassfish.main.cluster.cli [139]: Unable to resolve 139.0: missing requirement [139.0] osgi.wiring.package; (osgi.wiring.package=com.sun.enterprise.admin.servermgmt.cli)
g! lb server
ID|State |Level|Name
23|Active | 1|JavaServer Pages(TM) API (2.2.1)
36|Active | 1|Domain Name Server Plugin (4.0.0.SNAPSHOT)
38|Resolved | 1|Server-Sent Events (4.0.0.SNAPSHOT)
48|Resolved | 1|JavaServer Pages (TM) TagLib Implementation (1.2.1)
89|Active | 1|GlassFish AppClient Server-Side Connector (4.0.0.SNAPSHOT)
104|Resolved | 1|Jersey server library repackaged as OSGi bundle for GlassFish (1.12.0)
109|Active | 1|Appserver Logging Classes (4.0.0.SNAPSHOT)
158|Active | 1|Appserver Core Bootstraping Classes (4.0.0.SNAPSHOT)
163|Active | 1|Glassfish MBeanServer support (4.0.0.SNAPSHOT)
187|Resolved | 1|JavaServer Pages(TM) Standard Tag Library API (1.2.1)
224|Installed | 1|GlassFish AppClient Server-Side Core (4.0.0.SNAPSHOT)
284|Active | 1|admin-server-management (4.0.0.SNAPSHOT)

It says "osgi.wiring.package=com.sun.enterprise.admin.servermgmt.cli" but this package is part of servermgmt.jar and it's already active there! There must be something I am missing
Any ideas?

Thanks for any suggestions,

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Joined: 2012-02-12

Could it be a bug? I mean there is no com.sun.enterprise.admin.servermgmt.cli package in exported packages section in from server-mgmt.jar (although there are classes with such package inside the jar). I modified osgi.bundle file so that it includes the package now and bundle is starting. However, still problem isn't solved...

When I lunch ./asadmin help start-local-instance from DAS I can see help, so I guess this command must be there, than why visiting this link:

EDIT: If this will help -> this link for example:
works fine

EDIT2: One more fact. When I fire "./asadmin list-commands" start-local-instance is not listed, while start-instance is present. Why cluster-cli.jar doesn't get loaded?

Anyone, pretty please?

Joined: 2012-02-12


The problem was in jars after all... I thought I have added proper jars to all created glassfish instances, but they were only in DAS. Adding them to all nodes solved the problem.