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Great project! But where is the demo, Source, Javadocs and quick start guide?

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Hi all,

I just discovered this project and I must say I am very impressed! It proves to be for Swing what Guava is for Collections.

However, in true style, online documentation is a mission to find, there are a ludicrous amount of broken links (not to mention the added confusion introduced by the bizarre redirect at and the non-existence of, the demo is not included as part of the Maven jars and the Webstart is not signed correctly; so fails to run on OS X Lion. (Incidentally, it has taken me three attempts over the last week before I finally found that this project was still active and that the latest maven build was 1.6.3, due to these issues coupled with the recent change in maven grouped)

The Maven Javadocs and Sources are empty! Could you please update them.

Could somebody please point me at an official binary and source jar of the demo? (I'm not downloading anything from a filesharing site - you think me mad?) As an RFE, it would be great if this were included alongside future Maven releases.

Even older Javadocs do not provide a nice introduction for a SwingX n00b like me. Is there a quick start guide, with an overview of the packages and some of the more popular widgets, etc?

Regards, Sam

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