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Do you read Java Magazine?

I usually read most of the articles in each issue
15% (39 votes)
I often read several articles per issue
8% (21 votes)
I typically browse through the magazine, reading here and there
18% (47 votes)
I subscribe, but haven't actually read anything yet
5% (12 votes)
I don't subscribe to Java Magazine yet, but I plan to
5% (12 votes)
I'm not interested in Java Magazine
3% (9 votes)
What's Java Magazine?
28% (74 votes)
20% (52 votes)
Total votes: 266


Re: Do you read Java Magazine?

I'm interested, but there's no indication whatsoever what format this magazine is offered in... I'd love an ePub for my eReader... if it's PDF, then I'm probably not as interested.

Also, the form for subscribing crashes horribly if you fill it out, but select the option that you don't want to subscribe! The result is a nasty white page with bold red font:

Thank you for contacting us for a web subscription. Our server is currently having technical difficulties.

We expect to be operational later today.

Thank you for your patience.

Re: Do you read Java Magazine?

My blog about this poll:

Re: Do you read Java Magazine?

It is too hard to read. If I enlarge the text, navigation becomes a nightmare. It would be much better as a set of HTML pages.