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Congratulations 2006 Duke's Choice Awards Winners!

The Duke's Choice Awards celebrate extreme innovation in the world of Java technology and are granted to the most innovative projects using the Java platform.

The most innovative projects from 2006 using the Java platform include:

Best Phone with Music

Motorola SLVR with iTunes

Mobile Messaging

SVB Technologies flurrymail

Outstanding Contributions to Healthcare

JUG Sardegna Onlus SMS Alerts

Java Everywhere!

JMRI group, Java Model Railroad Interface

Open Source

Apache Software Foundation, Tapestry Web Application Framework


Agilent Technologies, OurTraffic

Emerging Technologies

Perrone Robotics, Inc., Tommy and MAX

Outstanding Platform Contributions

Brian Harry, Contributions to Java SE 6

Secure Printing Services

Genius Bytes & Ricoh, Office P2P

Java Card

ICT e-Government, City of Sunderland, England, Smart Card Program Fans' Choice:

3D 8-Ball Pool