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What Should You Do Before Buying A Classic Cambridge Satchel

Posted by fashionshoppings on February 23, 2012 at 10:16 PM PST


Many people believe that as long as rich and willing to wait in line, can buy to mind the dream that only Birkin bag, but never willing to do research work in advance, and these either in the purchase or in the later on maintenance is very important. The following is buy a hand small M offer cambridge satchel love the related tip: Don't ignore Birkin leather, common leather (only for reference) : Love MaShi Birkin wrapping material parameters comparison (the enumeration of several common, color + leather can generate 90 different scheme) Cowhide parameters comparison: France and Italy's top cowhide make face the original skin from cows back, arrogant, cattle abdomen, bracket is differ, calf leather grain surface is lesser, each index and because of different parts of the body from cattle and different, such as cattle neck tattoo will have a vertical grain to appear, cattle back in good tension, cattle in the abdomen is a soft. Togo (natural hard) and Epsom (hard processing, light) leather dull have a type, resistance to delimit wear-resisting; Swift was soft smooth but easy to scratch. Box is after polishing the processed, the texture well-balanced small, smooth and bright color more, is love MaShi Birkin and Kelly bag first choose material qualitative, but not waterproof not to prevent stroke. Taurillon Clemence texture is shallow and relatively soft Togo Togo. Small and very soft leather mother Fjord to water resistant. Sheep: love MaShi the top female goat skins good softness, pore particles moderate, good color, luster beautiful. An ostrich skin: prolific from Africa, especially in South Africa are in the majority. Grain delicate with the polk Q point and feel good, belong to pity expensive skin kind of fear of water is afraid of light, do the highest difficulty coefficient. Because the NBA (the Po) official adidas shirt sponsors have been officially plan will the New York knicks shirt on China's more than 6700 adidas store sales network. In an interview before the public accept, adidas CEO Herbert-of collecting said they hope these shirt can become the most fire sales of goods. In the interview, of collecting also said "Lin no doubt is a great athlete, the company also trying to find such talented young people". Lizard skin: Malaysia and tropical regions the rare lizard skin, delicate texture and bright. Crocodile skin parameters comparison: (three level, is the highest Porosus, followed by Niloticus and Alligator, level symbols pictured above, if marked as "S", it means this handbag for discount product) General crocodile skin and smooth surface in the fog two, fog face price higher than smooth. Since the U.S. state of Florida Alligator productive, damp and hot river's lake area also has China, for endangered Alligator kind of, no sweat glands aperture, grain and irregular, large scale. Niloticus prolific in southern Africa from Zimbabwe, says Africa big alligator, also say the Nile crocodile, grain size and scale of rules degrees are relatively center. Crocodile Porosus also say the ogre bay, is a rare and protected big alligator, productive classic cambridge satchel from Papua New Guinea and Australia northern, marked "V" for love MaShi leather Porosus the most top leather, leather tension good, grain is exquisite, the smaller scale. The other, a crocodile I not waterproof, must pay attention to do the scales fall off.

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