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SUNSpot - Isolate save() and load() methods with teal-111214 sdk

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I am trying to build and run the Software-Agent MASPOT on a SUNSpot. I managed to change the functions from the yellow-101117-1 sdk to the teal-111214 sdk. I need the new sdk, because me and my collegues wrote testcases for SUNSpot that only work with the developer's sdk. I am using a Windows 7 32-bit OS.

I still have one problem:

- The save() and load() methods from the Isolate class (import com.sun.squawk.Isolate;) do not work in teal-111214. The javadoc says I somehow have to work with the build property ENABLE_ISOLATE_MIGRATION. My Question is how do I enable this property and where do I have to enable it (in the file from MASPOT, in ant or somewhere else I haven't thought of) ?

I would appreciate your help.

Best regards,

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The property ENABLE_ISOLATE_MIGRATION can only be changed when building the sdk. The isolate migration feature was disabled to save overhead in squawk. We didn't expect to see much external use of the feature - I'm looking forward to reading your paper to see how it worked out for you.

This can be re-enabled in a future build. Please let us know if this is an urgent issue.