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Need some help

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Joined: 2012-02-21

Hi ,

This is bharathi . I have created a simple web application using Java web in netbeans 6.9 and i have also installed my Glassfish Server 3.

When deploying my application there is no error and the build is sucessful. but when i run my application my web browser is showing error

Not found Not found

The requested URL /WebApplication5/ was not found on this server

please advice me



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Joined: 2012-04-05

Hi Bharathi
1. Login to your glassfish admin panel in your browser usually localhost:4848
2. navigate to deployed apps
3. Select the app and then select launch
4. another browser instance will open, right click and copy the link of the app
5. close the second browser instance
6. paste the link into a new browser page and click go.
7. If still no go try refreshing page (F5)

Keep a copy of this link in your bookmarks, every time you recompile, you can then open this link and refresh.