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Firewalls and GlassFish ports.

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Joined: 2012-01-31

I have been troubleshooting our GlassFish installation installed on a RHE 5 Linux server. The two deployed applications on it are not launching. The browser returns "Error 101 (net::ERR_CONNECTION_RESET): Unknown error.

Diagnosis of the telnet command and strace results and show that GlassFish is shutting down the connections after read.

In a bid to get GlassFish working, I'm thinking of opening all the ports (in the Firewall) which GlassFish uses. I was able to pick out all these port in the domain.xml file.

Here's my conversatioin with the support of the hosting company:

Dear Support,

Can you please help check that our firewall is not blocking traffic on these ports: 4848, 8080, 6666, 8686,3700, 3820, 3920, 8686, 26666, 24848, 28080, 28181, 27676, 23700, 23820, 23920, 28686 and 29009.

If it is, we need the rules changed to allow traffic on those ports.



Here's support's response:

Do you want this opened to the internet is this going to be running on the private ip addresses of your server to other servers.



Internet ???? or Specific public or private ip addresses.




(where is our server's IP address).

I need help with answering these questions that support is asking.

Also, is what I am asking for really necessary?

I would appreciate your input.