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need help to code program

Posted by ameena on January 21, 2012 at 1:47 AM PST


Employee Information System An organization maintains the following data about each employee. Employee Class Fields: int Employee ID String Name Date dateOfBirth Date dateOfJoining Methods: Date checkDate(String dt) - Validate date entered by the user setDateOfBirth(Date dob) - set valid date of birth setDateOfBirth(Date doj) - set valid date of joining print() - prints (system.out.println) the details of the employee Algotithm: Prompt the user to enter dob and doj. Check if the date entered by the user is valid or not. If invalid date is entered, then display an appropriate error message and ask the user to enter again. If valid date is entered, then set the member variables of the employee object with the employee id (auto -increment, assigning 1 to first employee during every execution) and date details. Invoke function print() of the employee object to print employee details. User may enter date in any of the following three formats: 10 November 1994 10/11/1994 10-NOV-1994


Re: need help to code program

hi there is no help from ur this website ,its been a long time submitting ,plz help