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Java Tour in USA and Canada: Join the Rebellion (01/11/2012 - 03/21/2012) - 8 locations

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JSF 2.0 Templating & Composite Components
Classloader: What role does it play for application re/deployment?
Context and Dependency Injection (CDI)

Sang Shin has been working with Java technologies since the year 2000, having spent over 10 years as the Lead Java Technology Architect and Evangelist at Sun Microsystems. Since early 2011, Sang has been the primary JRebel Evangelist for ZeroTurnaround, visiting JUGs, exhibiting with the company at events, and even getting a little involved with LiveRebel. In his "free" time, Sang operates and provides instruction on (formerly, a popular learning site that he founded for Java/Spring/Ruby/MySQL/Android developers. Sang frequently gives talks at various conferences around the world such as JavaOne & Devoxx on various Java technologies such as Java EE, Java SE, Web application frameworks, Web services and SOA technologies.

01/11/2012 Tempe, AZ
01/17/2012 Los Angeles, CA
01/25/2012 Houston, TX

02/27/12 Montreal, Canada

03/08/2012 Boston, MA

03/14/2012 Dallas, TX
03/20/2012 San Diego
03/21/2012 Mountain View, CA

Join the tour for FREE knowledge and beer:

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