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PhotoShop PSD to Mosaic?

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Looking through the cook book files, I see a tool that takes a GRIN file and puts the images referenced in it into a 'mosaic' file.

Is there a tool in the cook book (or perhaps else where) that will do that for / with a PhotoShop PSD file that then can be used with the cook book process?

Scenarist and NetBlender for BDJ and IGEdit for HDMV take PSD files and 'convert' them into the needed files for BD.

Thanks for any thoughts.

Paul Masters

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Step 1
Create a new document with 1000px width and 600px height. Fill it with black color (#000000) and update layer name to Background (click twice on layer name).
Step 2
For this tutorial we need to create an action. Make Actions Panel active with Window > Actions (or Alt+F9) and press Create new Action button on lower window options.
Step 3
Apply Filter > Pixelate > Mosaic with following settings.
Step 4
Apply Filter > Sketch> Reticulation with following settings
Step 5
With our Action created, we are going to create mosaic bricks. We need to apply our Action about 6-7 times more until all black spots will disappear on canvas.
Step 6
We now are going to add glow. Apply Filter > Sketch > Photocopy on mosaic layer (Detail: 24 and Darkness:1).
Step 7
Invert layer colors by pressing Ctrl+I.

Joined: 2011-12-07


Thanks for the reply.

The steps given appear to create a mosaic of images in PhotoShop. However, that won''t work in this case.

What is needed is a way to take each layer of a PhotoShop PSD and make a separate PNG file. As all layers have the same size as the canvas, the image needs to be cropped to the actual pixels because most of the area is transparent and transparent pixels take up space in the BD image buffer.

Once those files are created, a utility will create the file loaded when the BD is played.

The utility in the cookbook requires a user created text file of specifications telling it how to create the file. In other products, the program uses the PSD itself and performs the crop and makes the file it needs.

The utility, in any case, somehow provides the location of the image in the resultant file so the code running the BD can find the specified image in the larger file.

For the cookbook, the 'fun' is getting each PSD layer cropped and written as a PNG file and then creating the text file with the information the utility needs to create the (mosaic) file.


Paul Masters