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Project hacked

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Joined: 2003-11-26

 My VisualLangLab project site appears to have been hacked. 

I have been receiving mails from "maj at fininterpost dot ru" that appear to have been routed via the commits mailing list of the project site. 

The mails (such as this one) appear to have gotten into the archive somehow. Is it possible for anyone (even non-members) to send mails into the list? Is there a way to prevent that?

Thanks for any help.

- Sanjay

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Joined: 2005-12-14

 It wasn't hacked - project emails by default are open to the public.  You can change the privacy level of your lists by going to the mailing lists link on your project home page, and then choose the "manage" list option.  There's a dropdown with four options labeled "send scheme" which will allow you to update your settings and add a moderator if you like, and then you can use the moderation link to approve or reject messages.  

We are planning to replace our current mailing list manager in Q3 next year, and one of the requirements is improving spam control options on the site.  

Sonya Barry Community Manager 


Joined: 2003-11-26

 I've made the changes. Thank you.