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Hudson Remote API Access Problem

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We are trying to develop Hudson plugin which will expose remote api via http. We started working with HelloWorldBuilder and added new java file for this purpose. Our code is given below:

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package com.MyProject.hudson.listeners;

import hudson.Plugin;
import hudson.model.Api;
import hudson.model.Hudson;
import hudson.model.ModelObject;

* @author sanjoyg
public class RemoteApiExample extends Plugin implements ModelObject {

public String getDisplayName() {
return "Remote API Example";

@org.kohsuke.stapler.export.ExportedBean(defaultVisibility = 999)
public static class Entity {

public Api getApi() {
return new Api(this);

public String getMyAttr() {
System.out.println("returning getMyAttr");
return "myvalue";

public Entity getEntity() {
return new Entity();

But after installing the plugin whenever we are trying to access the plugin, we receive the HTTP 404 Not found error. The error details :
404 Not Found
Stapler processed this HTTP request as follows, but couldn't find the resource to consume the request

-> evaluate(<hudson.model.Hudson@f67683> :hudson.model.Hudson,"/plugin/remote-api-example/entity/api/xml")
-> evaluate(((StaplerProxy)<hudson.model.Hudson@f67683>).getTarget(),"/plugin/remote-api-example/entity/api/xml")
-> evaluate(<hudson.model.Hudson@f67683>.getPlugin("remote-api-example"),"/entity/api/xml")
-> unexpected null!

If this 404 is unexpected, double check the last part of the trace to see if it should have evaluated to null.

Do we need to add any additional setting in the .jelly files available under the resources\HelloWorldBuilder plugin?

Sanjoy Ghosh