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Simple question: how to establish a connection?

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Joined: 2011-08-10

hey guys , here comes a simple question!


RDV peer Jack on LAN with;

RDV peer Mya on WAN with;

router is configured with LAN port:, WAN port:

Can Jack establish a connection with Mya?

if not what should i do for establishing a connection from private IP to public IP?

i am using Version 2.6, so answer of V2.6 best, of other version good! thank you!

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Joined: 2011-08-10

hey everyone, i tackled the problem last morning!

if you want to establish a connection through the NAT, you should run a RendezVous and a Relay on WAN side with a public IP, such as my example Do not forget to set the RendezVous as the RendezVous_seed in your Relay peer, and set the Relay as Relay_seed in you RendezVous.

Then, on the LAN side, set the RendezVous and the Relay as your Edge peer's RendezVous_seed and Relay_seed respectively.

First, start RendezVous and Relay on your WAN side;

Second, start your Edge peer in your LAN side. Remarkably, you should wait for a little while, maybe scores seconds, to let the peers refresh their peerList.

Finnally, you would find your Edge in your LAN side has connected to a RendezVous peer!

My english is not quite fluently. i have no idea about if i express clearly. welcome exchanges