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"read access" returns false when testing Homenetworking functionalities

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I am doing a home networking test based on the information as below:


Home Networking Stream Testing

To test home networking streaming, setup two RIs - one will act as the server and the other as the player.

On the server machine, configure the RI to run the DVRExerciser just as you would tune test except use located in OCAPROOT/apps/qa/org/cablelabs/xlet/DvrExerciser

Using the DVRExerciser, perform the following:

  • 1. Either create a recording or playback an existing recoding, stop playback (via stop key) and return to live (via live key).
  • 2. Publish the recording to the CDS by using option 5 - Put current recording in CDS

On the client/player machine, configure the RI to run the QA Xlet launcher to access the RemoteServiceSelection Xlet just as you would tune test xlet except use the located in OCAPROOT/apps/qa You need to modify qa app.119.args.0= to use the RI server IP address
Using the QA Xlet, perform the following:

  • 1. Select "Video Test Service" option on first menu page.
  • 2. Select "RemoteService selection" option on second menu page. This will launch the Remote Service Selection Xlet. This will fail if you have not published a recording to the CDS on the server machine.
  • 3. Press 1 to start playback at 1x. The banner should turn to green and indicate playback has started. After this, other options are available to pause, resume, fast fwd, rewind and stop.


I used the binary on Windows as the media server and on Ubuntu as a client. When I run RemoteServiceSelection as above, I got the error showing I don't have "Read access" of the contents in CDS as below:


20111020 19:00:11.064 INFO RI.Stack.StdOut- ******************* remoteserviceselection initXlet - inetAddress: serverName: OCAP Media Server
20111020 19:00:11.067 INFO RI.Stack- 29422 [ThreadPool-System-4] INFO application.Application$State - appid=17045 NOT_LOADED->~INITED success
20111020 19:00:11.067 INFO RI.Stack.StdOut- remoteserviceselection startXlet
20111020 19:00:11.075 INFO RI.Stack.StdOut- ContentServerNetModule Found: with ip addr:, uuid = uuid:814d9960-fb40-11e0-874e-f07bcb2e9162
20111020 19:00:11.092 INFO RI.Stack.StdOut- Issuing search request to ContentServerNet Module uuid uuid:814d9960-fb40-11e0-874e-f07bcb2e9162, ip addr
20111020 19:00:11.110 INFO RI.Stack.StdOut- Waiting for browse request response
20111020 19:00:11.700 INFO RI.Stack.StdOut- received event:[]
20111020 19:00:11.701 INFO RI.Stack.StdOut- Request response content list received
20111020 19:00:11.701 INFO RI.Stack.StdOut- ********* Received ContentList. ***********
20111020 19:00:11.702 INFO RI.Stack.StdOut- ********* ContentList Size: 2 ***********
20111020 19:00:11.702 INFO RI.Stack.StdOut- ********* Investigating ContentEntry ID/class: 1/
20111020 19:00:11.702 INFO RI.Stack.StdOut- ********* FOUND NET RECORDING ENTRY ************
20111020 19:00:11.702 INFO RI.Stack.StdOut- ********* RECORDING ENTRY ID: 1 ************
20111020 19:00:11.702 INFO RI.Stack.StdOut- ********* Investigating ContentEntry ID/class: 2/
20111020 19:00:11.702 INFO RI.Stack.StdOut- ********* FOUND CONTENT ITEM ************
20111020 19:00:11.718 ERROR RI.Stack- 30073 [ThreadPool-App 0x17045-3] ERROR event.SystemEventManager - ErrorEvent[34000001,17045,10/20/11 8:00 PM] java.lang.SecurityException: Read access required
java.lang.SecurityException: Read access required
at org.cablelabs.xlet.RemoteServiceSelection.RemoteServiceSelectionXlet.startXlet(
at org.cablelabs.impl.manager.application.JavaTVXlet.startXlet(
at org.cablelabs.impl.manager.application.XletApp$7.doRun(
at org.cablelabs.impl.manager.application.XletApp$
at org.cablelabs.impl.manager.application.ThreadPool$
at java.lang.Thread.startup(

20111020 19:00:11.720 INFO RI.Stack- 30075 [ThreadPool-System-4] INFO application.Application$State - appid=17045 ~INITED->STARTED failed


it found the item I published into CDS, but I cannot read the metadata for it, what else I need to do to let the client has this "read acess" right? Appreicate it.



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Joined: 2009-02-02

I assume your issues are appid-related, but I'm surprised you're seeing them with our xlets as-is...RemoteServiceSelectionXlet's app_identifier in is 0x000000017045, which should allow you to browse without issues.

The wiki instructions are a bit dated - you can now use the DvrExerciser xlet to both publish and play back content. I'll look into getting the wiki updated. Here is a typical scenario.

Server side:

- Create a recording
- From the Home Networking menu, select HN server options, publish current recording in CDS

Client side:

- From the Home Networking menu, select HN player options, display list of all media servers, press select and use arrows to highlight a server, and press select again
- From the HN player options menu, select 'Select Remote Service for Playback' and again press select and use arrows to highlight a remote service and press select again

Joined: 2011-10-20

Thank you! Scottdeboy.

I am now using 1.1.4 REV J code instead of REV I. According to your said, I on both sides used DvrExerciser, and I finally got the video displaying on client side. But I still have some problems. Sometimes client thied 10 times but cannot find the media server on the IP address specified on which DvrExerciser is running, and the video displaying is very macro blocky. I heard many HN bugs fixed on 1.2.0, so am I supposed to do my home networking investigaion based on this version and don't spend time on 1.1.4 anymore?

Thanks again!


Joined: 2008-03-05

Hi Aaron -

The Home Networking support is definitely more mature in trunk/1.2.X code line. If you are just interested in getting Home Networking to run in PC Simulation environment, that would certainly be a better code line to use.

Best -