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What interests you about JavaFX 2.0 and its future?

The fact that it's pure Java
13% (7 votes)
The fact that it's being open sourced
13% (7 votes)
The fact that it will ultimately be supported on all major OS's
25% (13 votes)
The fact that Oracle is obviously solidly behind it
0% (0 votes)
Several/all of the above
28% (15 votes)
Eh, I'm still not interested in JavaFX
15% (8 votes)
I don't know
6% (3 votes)
0% (0 votes)
Total votes: 53


Re: What interests you about JavaFX 2.0 and its future?

By looking at current poll results, good operating system support seems to be the major concern at this very moment. This is not a surprise, since JavaFX 2.0 Windows runtime bin folder has 30 (thirty!) dll files. I guess other operating systems support will require similar native wrapping.

If JavaFX has the intention to replace Swing, from a Desktop developer perspective, I am not quite confident while coding, if my sources would run flawlessly, regardless the Operating System, or not.

In case I would want to start embedding JavaFX code within Swing, as a process to start porting existing Swing code into JavaFX, I must be confident enough my sources would run with JavaFX runtime as good as in the VM.

At this moment, I feel no confidence this porting process would succeed, even after more operating systems get supported by JavaFX.

By having two runtimes to take care about while coding, with different development paths, and being JavaFX so much dependent from native code, doesn't seem to me attractive enough.

Unless JavaFX would eventually get merged into the VM, assuring JavaFX code would run as well as existing plain Java code, I do not see how it would grab attention enough from desktop developers.