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JSP JSTL and Glassfish V3 using Eclipse Helios

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Joined: 2011-09-22

I have been developing Web Services using JDNI Connection Pools and it has been working great. I wanted to learn how to get my data using JSP and so I am working through a book on JSP 2. In the book, we created a jsp file and entered <sql:datasource tag line but it kept giving me a no suitable driver found error. I tried everything and could not get it to work. So I thought how about using a connection pool that I already know works and so I removed the datasource tag line and added the connection pool instead. I found this when I googled connection pool and JSTL. Well, I am still getting the same error. I have tried copying the sqljdbc.jar file into the lib folder of the domain. The ext folder, the database folder. It was already int he glassfish lib folder. And still the same error. I added the JPA facet and that didnt work. I am currently using Eclipse Helios. Glassfish v3. SQL Server 2005. Maybe someone could point me in the right direction. Please provide examples.


taglib prefix="sql" uri="" %>


sql:query var="books" dataSource="jdbc/Work">

SELECT id, title, price FROM book



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Joined: 2011-09-22

After putting my sqljdbc.jar into the domain lib and domain lib ext folders, the original way the book wanted to make the connection worked after all. But I have not been able to get the connection pool to work in my jsp. Does the jar file need to be placed somewhere else like it did for the datasource? Does something need to be added to the sun-web.xml file? Should there be a web.xml file. If so, please provide examples to help me. I have attempted some of these options but with no success.