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Form Menu Dialog in LWUIT BB 1.5

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Joined: 2010-05-01

the menu dialog in BB will appear to large in previous version we edit theprotected Command showMenuDialog(Dialog arg0) but in 1.5 this function will affect nothing

how to minimize the width and height in the menu dialog of a form in Lwuit 1.5

Thank you

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Joined: 2003-11-07

LWUIT 1.5 completely chanaged the behavior of dialogs to make their styling allot more powerful. This means that previous dialog hacks to calculate preferred size need to be modified slightly e.g. instead of using the content pane for the size you need to use getDialogComponent().

We have a temporary hack that will be removed for 1.6 called dialogTitleCompatibilityMode which will allow you to use something that resembles the old dialog behavior. However, this will break styling in the new themes which rely on 1.5 style dialogs.