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Keyboard and mouse control with screen sharing Application needed

Posted by wco2010 on September 9, 2011 at 5:17 PM PDT

We are in process of developing the web application to use for consultant and client chat (can include the guest too). Where Consultant will be seat on their company and and client will come from there website to know more about their business. So application is helping the consultant to make Video/Audio and Text chat feature with some document sharing with client from consultant end. Now what we need here is the while sharing the document, we want consultant to take the keyboard and mouse control from Client and Vice Versa. So we need here an applet or an independent apps which can be invoke from our existing application.

If you can look at used Webex and Go webinar, Mikogo web conferencing tool, you definably going to understand the whole concept. Only difference would be that our application will be used in house by consultant and publicly by client on web browser. If you can come with the solution and how you are going to execute it, we can step forward and start working on it asap.


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Re: Keyboard and mouse control with screen sharing ...

hi, if looking for worker, you can post job the in different sites.

Re: Keyboard and mouse control with screen sharing ...

Hello Developer,

I am not asking for the help, I will be paying for all your effort. I just want any developer reply who can develop such appliaction for us? If you think you can, please do let me know how many days it would take and what will be your quote and payment terms?