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Re: Building with JSR135 etc ?

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Hinkmond Wong Guest
Joined: 2010-11-03

Hi Alex,

On 9/2/2011 12:55 AM, alex wrote:
> Hi, everyone
> I've built the CDC/MIDP+Directfb successfully according to Davy's
> guidance several days ago. It works well, but I want to use it to play
> sound, so I try to build it with the JSR135. However, I searched in
> the forum and found that it's not completely implemented in the phMEA.
> So I want to know that
> 1. Is it possible to build advance with the JSR135 and some other JSRs
> in the latest phMEA now? And what to do?

No, there is no JSR 135 for pMEA currently. If you do want to build
with JSR 135 or other JSRs, you will have to implement and port JSR 135
yourself to a platform or device, or get some help from others in the
open source community to add a port of JSR 135 implementation to pMEA.
Once you do that, we can take that source code back as a contribution to
the project and add it to the repository. Until then, there is no
available implementation of JSR 135 for pMEA.

> 2. I use the foundation class lib, can I play sound without JSR135?

Yes, you can use JNI to call directly to your native driver or native
audio library to play sound. You would be responsible to figure out how
to do that on your own, since you would know your native drivers and
libraries on your device the best. Once you figure that out, you would
use JNI to wrap the native audio functions in Java wrapper methods and
be able to play sound.

Hope this helps,