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(GF 3.1b43, Java 1.6.0_26) Got WeldException ClassFormatError when Deploying Stateless REST Component - Sample Project Attached

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Joined: 2010-12-03

Hi all:

I'm attaching a simple project to reproduce the deployment error mentioned in the subject and the log file listing the stack trace. The project contains a single class annotated with both @Stateless and @Path.

This seemed to start happening after I updated Java to 1.6.0_26 on OS X (and I can't seem to find a way to downgrade). A related issue that I could find mentioning a similar error is here: Anybody else ran into this, and any thoughts on the solution?

Many thanks in advance,


Proj.zip19.44 KB
log.txt11.01 KB

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Joined: 2011-07-02

hi Dennis, im having the same problem after the java 6 update 5.

My project doesnt run anymore in jboss 6 final using weld and seam 3 modules.

If you have any solution, contact me: and if you need some help, ask too.