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Auto Reply: Auto Reply: Platform independence query

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This is an auto-replied message. I am out of office from 06/14/2011 to 07/07/2011.
If you have any urgent technical graphics issue please contact Kevin at kevin.rushforth..., any other management related issue please contact Vidhya at vidhya.narayanan...

- Chien

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Joined: 2011-06-27

Questa e' una risposta automatica.
Sono fuori ufficio fino al 29 giugno 2011
Leggero' la vostra mail al mio ritorno.
In caso di urgenza, contattare il supporto Oracle

This is an automatic reply.
I am out of office 'till the 29th of June 2011
If you need assistance during my absence, please contact Oracle support, and if it is really an urgent issue, please contact Sante.Casadei...

Thank you.