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Porting Squawk to processor XYZ

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which are the minimum system requirements that a processor/target platform should fulfill in order to successfully port the Squawk VM to it?

Actually, I consider TI's MSP430-F5438. Nominally, it has e.g. 256KB Flash and 16KB RAM. Does anybody know of a Squawk-port for MSP430? Actually, I intend to use GCC which does not know of TI's "X-Architecture", and, hence, may address 64KB Flash, only..... Is this still ok for Squawk?

What are the (general) limits? I guess, memory is only one of them - 512, 256, 64KB ...?

And: Is there some kind of porting guide for Squawk? This would definitely be helpfull...

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We don't have experience with the MSP430. Currently we have had Squawk ported to using a little more than 256KB of flash and slightly more than 32KB of RAM. Using 16-bit pointers will be a problem, because the suite file format is essentially a serialized object graph, with many interior pointers to classes, methods, strings, etc.