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JavaFX: A Musical Gathering

There's definitely an arc in the
adoption of a new technology. From skepticism, to
release, the odd
stumble, to the evidence
of more widespread
experimentation, to the first
commercial applications.

Indaba Music (from the Zulu
indaba:  'gathering') is a collaborative music
site, and debuts one
of the first commerical applications of JavaFX: the Indaba music
console. Currently in alpha, it gives Apple's GarageBand a
for its money, with the ability to lay down multiple music tracks,
from prerecorded clips, to those of your own making, to those your friends gave you.
Then the fun starts when you start applying musical effects to your
composition, and exporting back
to your friends.

The Planetarium
marks the arrival what is a truly capable and polished online JavaFX media manipulation application,
with a special
composition which you can download here. (Vocals courtesy of the Janitor).