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JavaFX on Swing, Swing in JavaFX

To a large degree JavaFX is designed with a new generation
of developers in mind, those with a little more art than science in
their backgrounds. More into shifting shapes on screen than polymorphism
in code. And they may well be wearing skinny
jeans for the first time,
unlike the Janitor who
was pioneering
them in the 1980s.

But for Swing
developers who have art and science in equal measure, JavaFX is a great companion to add to
the portfolio.

Original team member Amy
Fowler blogged recently about how
to use JavaFX to make over an existing Swing application.

And with the latest
release of the JFXtras, a handy suite of goodies for
JavaFX development, comes the new JavaFX wrapper for Swing components,
as you
can read all about here.