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What's your initial impression of the new

It's much improved
17% (16 votes)
Looks pretty good
43% (40 votes)
I'll have to get used to it before I can say
15% (14 votes)
Seems no better than before
5% (5 votes)
I liked the old site better
6% (6 votes)
14% (13 votes)
Total votes: 94


The EXTREME slowness during

The EXTREME slowness during the first few days was due to new systems undergoing optimization based on load (lots of moving parts under the hood). We've made progress and will continue this process for the next few days so unfortunately users may experience performance issues as we go through this process. The issues with Kenai in IE are at the top of the priority list and are being addressed this week. Hopefully we'll get more comments on the look/feel, layout and navigation. We didn't change the fundamental info architecture, but did what we could to improve it within scope of the project.

Thanks for the votes and comments!

Andrew Infrastructure Team

How is it possible to be so

How is it possible to be so slow! What do you use? Java technology?

The term "absolute crap"

The term "absolute crap" comes to mind while using the new site. ( the old one wasn't much better)
It slow. It has terrible layout problems in explorer. Awful Look and Feel. Terrible to navigate.
In its present state, this is the worst site I've ever been on., like Kenai, appears, like Kenai, appears to have many layout issues on all versions of Internet Explorer (login button appears down the bottom, partially obscured; projects page is all overlapping each other etc).
Granted IE is not very 1337, but it still does have the greatest market share. Please don't ignore it.

I concur with the slowness

I concur with the slowness and bugs,as a first impression its pretty terrible. In terms of visitors and blog readers I think overall its a large step back at present. The slowness, oh the slowness, taking minutes to load a page! Even worse is trying to add comments, even if it works, often get dual textboxes (no WYSIWYG editor loads) or working editor but no save button. Can we have a user preference to turn the WYSIWYG editor off permanently? really hate it.

The beauty really is only skin deep, there's nothing new on show, same old content, lots of outdated stuff lurking around the fringes, broken links and wonky navigation menus. Some of elements of the new theme are OK but the font choices doesn't sit so well with the content. Looks very much like a site designed by developers.. though perhaps ones that don't know jack about infrastructure & scaling or load testing before going into production.

On the projects side JIRA is nice for sure, but thats always been a free option for opensource projects that cared enough anyway The project browsing is dated and awkward. I don't know why so many projects are missing from Java Desktop category (e.g. swingx et al?). Need some means to filter the good active projects from the mass of ad hoc personal stuff. Lack of old project front pages doesn't help, very little clue as to what most project are for, or do, or how well? confusing. Would be nice to see a measure of project activity (mailing lists, issues, vcs checkins etc..) so we can tell if a projects still alive or not. Find it hard to believe weekly stats on front page 84 new projects this week? only 1443 projects in how many years? looking through top of recent projects view suggests a much lower figure. Have all the project dates been reset? brings me back around to last activity question. Would be nice to see enhancements here before you start to merge kenai down into

Very slow, but pretty

The new site is so slow, that it is unusable. It takes 2 minutes to load the home screen or this poll.

Other than that, it looks quite pretty.

Congratulations for the new

Congratulations for the new site, that's refreshing. But please do something for the horrible font, it's unreadable.

The key to readability on my

The key to readability on my Windows 7 machine(using Firefox & Chrome) is to call the first font:

Myriad Pro <strong>Regular</strong>

There are multiple Myriad Pro fonts on my machine.
Or I could just duplicate / rename the font itself.

I changed the CMS font set to

I changed the CMS font set to accommodate this feedback. This shouldn't interfere with Apple or Windows XP users where "Myriad Pro" is required. Please let me know if this fixes the font issue in the CMS (the frontpage is a good test) and I will pass along the changes to the Kenai template upon confirmation of this issue being fixed.

On my home computer, Windows

On my home computer, Windows Vista Home Premium, it picks up "Myriad Pro" and my fonts are named "MyriadPro-MMMM"(where MMMM is one of "Black",... "Regular",....) with no spaces and a hyphen after the font name.
Perhaps one of the annoying things about the font is that the word "Embedded" on the home page shows up with faint spacing between every pair of letters, EXCEPT the "b" and "e" are seemingly linked as one glyph: "E m be d d e d". I have the same problem with my login name. In bold "bjg" appears as one glyph, so the spacing appears as "bjg e r a c i". In normal, there is a faint spacing between the letters.
Under "Forums" on homepage you have "EJB LIte uses Home Interface"- so the "I" in "Lite" should be lowercased. This will add to the ugliness a little bit since some decorative fonts will have the lowercase "i" look like the upper case "I". It's also clear that "I" and "l" (lowercase ell) looks the same in this font.
Finally, as I was starting to type in this comment, the web page blanked out the comment and started to load in more things --- I think this was for the advanced editor. Perhaps you can let the page load the plain text editor and provide a user-clickable link to the advanced editor.

Is this still happening? I

Is this still happening? I see you left the comment right after I left mine. Here's how Myriad is now set in the CSS.
font-family: "Myriad Pro Regular", "Myriad Pro", ...

Is this still happening? I

Okay, I'm back in the office today with the Windows 7 computer (my home computer is a Vista).

Now the situation is that "Myriad Pro Regular" is ignored, and it is picking up "Myriad Pro" again. And the listing of fonts is properly organized by families, so "Myriad Pro" is showing up.

So what's different? Well, I checked the Windows Update history and I got:

which was installed last night and has the description:

On a computer that is running Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008 R2, you may experience slow performance in applications that use the DirectWrite API (for example, Windows Internet Explorer 9). Performance traces show that each application is loading all the available fonts instead of relying on the FontCache service to render the fonts. This issue occurs because the DirectWrite API starts to read font information directly from the font files and caches them directly if the FontCache service takes too long to respond.

So something about the FontCache on my work machine running Windows 7 needed fixing, and now it ignores "Myriad Pro Regular" in the starter.css file and "Myriad Pro" works again.
Thank you for all your attention to this matter.

 I completely agree about the

 I completely agree about the font, please drop Myriad and allow it go to helvetica or verdana.

It's slow and sometimes

It's slow and sometimes doesn't work. Very flakey.
The old version wasn't anything to write home about but after years of getting use to it I would happily go back from this.
But I guess "pretty" beats out functional now a days. Seems to be a trend in IT for the past 5-10 years of steady decline in applications actually working or at reasonable levels of performance, <hick talk>but they sure are purdy with lots of lites and ringie dings. </hick talk>